About Us

Management Plaza specializes in PRINCE2®, Scrum, Agile and other best practices. Our mission is to make project management methods easier to learn and use and help Project Managers become better Project Managers.

We are quite unique in our approach to project management training and this is a list of some of unique training products we have created.

  • A sample PRINCE2 project:  This documents a full PRINCE2 project from start to finish and is a great asset for people who wish to start to use PRINCE and also for people who wish to study for the PRINCe2 Practitioner Exam.
  • PRINCE2 Learn Thru Questions (PDF & Audio):  This Q&A course makes it easy to learn while on the move, increase your knowledge and prepare for the exam.
  • PRINCE2 Foundation Training Manual:  Many training companies give the official PRINCE2 reference book to candidates who are studying the Foundation Training exam but this covers the full syllabus and it is not easy to learn from.  Our Foundation Training manual is very easy to read with lots of examples, much smaller and the focus is just on the Foundation Syllabus.
  • PRINCE2 Foundation Q&A Workbook: This Q&A workbook provides questions at the each of each section to enable you to: 1) Know the important topics in each section,  2) Practice the exam questions.  This book will enables students to get > 70% in the Foundation Exam.
  • The Scrum Training Manual: We have written the first Scrum Training Guide which prepares students for the Professional Scrum Master (PSM I) Exam at Scrum.Org.
  • Customized classroom training/workshops:  We have run a number of training courses where have documented a complete in-house sample project for an organization.  This is just  a great way for organizations to learn project management and produce a reference project.

For more information, see our training products and contact us.

We also offer practical PM consultancy services to companies seeking sustainable advancement.