AgilePM 13: Roles and Responsibilities | AgilePM Foundation

In the AgilePM Foundation, we’ll learn about Agile project management based on the DSDM methodology. Besides learning a lot about the way you can manage your Agile projects, you will be able to pass the APMG’s AgilePM Foundation exam too. Here below is where we will learn about AgilePM Roles and Responsibilities.

We reviewed the process in the previous lessons, and now it’s time to discuss AgilePM Roles and Responsibilities. It will be a quick review though; let’s leave the details for the third iteration.

Here is the video which will discuss the AgilePM Roles and Responsibilities.

All right. Now that we’ve discussed the process, and the roles and responsibilities, we also need to talk about the products (documents). That will be the subject of our next lesson. AgilePM Foundation 14 – Products and Documents

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