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Adaptive Approach 1

Agile PM: Adaptive Approach

We talked about a certain approach and development in the previous article. That’s when we try to understand the expectation of the customer or the business side of the Project. In the beginning we create a plan and a design for the product, then we start the project and create the product. In certain projects, […]

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Prince2 2017

PRINCE2 2017: Announcement

With PRINCE2 2017 you can fit any projects together to achieve the success you are looking for. PRINCE2 Methodology is firmly established as the World’s most-practiced method for Project Management. There are hundreds of thousands of people with a PRINCE2 qualification. They’re active in a vast range of sectors and cultures, using their PRINCE2 know-how […]

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scrum + kanban

Does Scrum + Kanban = Scrumban?

If your answer to this question was “yes”, don’t worry; you are not alone. It seems to be logical: Mixing the words “Scrum” with “Kanban” gives us “Scrumban”; but is not. Despite of what people think; using Scrum framework with the Kanban technique will bring you to a point in which you will need to […]

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project manager in scrum

Who is the Project Manager in Scrum?

Those who are not familiar with Scrum may think that a Scrum Master is the same as a Project Manager (PM) and this is not correct. Others think that the Project Mangers role is the same as the Product Owner, but this is also incorrect. So is the Scrum Master a Project Manager? The answer […]

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