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Scaling Scrum with Nexus

Scaling Scrum with Nexus

  Scrum is primarily defined for one team, with a maximum of 9 members. When more than one team is required, the system is called Scaled Scrum. There are different ways of scaling Scrum. Unfortunately, most of them are focused on generic advice, not clearly defined, or are just too complex. has recently released […]

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apples and oranges

Scrum vs. Agile

Scrum and Agile are not the same. They are related, but different. Let’s see how. What is Agile? Being Agile is the use of an adaptive lifecycle, which doesn’t fix, design, and plan the product upfront, but lets it evolve throughout the project based on feedback loops. It allows the product emerge from unclear requirements […]

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Can I be Agile

Agile cannot be used in every project

Some say that Agile can be used for every project, which is usually based on a wrong understanding of Agility. Agile cannot be used in every project. It, of course, depends on how you define Agility. If you define it as, for example, having all team members wear t-shirts with the word “Agile” on it, […]

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Agile Practices vs. Methods and Frameworks

Agile Practices vs. Agile Methods

You can benefit from using Agile Practices, both in Agile and Predictive environments, but they don’t necessarily make you Agile. You need to use Agile Methods/Frameworks for that purpose. This is important, because some companies falsely believe that using Agile Practices is enough. What’s an Agile Practice? The following are examples of Agile Practices: Collective […]

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Agile or not?

Agile or Not? Ever thought about this question, Agile or Not? Project delivery in the IT space is a fun job. You get to do interesting things, usually no two things are exactly the same and in the process get to play with technology. Life couldn’t be better. That is until you run into some […]

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