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Scaling Scrum with Nexus

Scaling Scrum with Nexus

  Scrum is primarily defined for one team, with a maximum of 9 members. When more than one team is required, the system is called Scaled Scrum. There are different ways of scaling Scrum. Unfortunately, most of them are focused on generic advice, not clearly defined, or are just too complex. has recently released […]

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apples and oranges

Scrum vs. Agile

Scrum and Agile are not the same. They are related, but different. Let’s see how. What is Agile? Being Agile is the use of an adaptive lifecycle, which doesn’t fix, design, and plan the product upfront, but lets it evolve throughout the project based on feedback loops. It allows the product emerge from unclear requirements […]

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Agile and Scrum Certifications (PSM vs. CSM)

Agile and Scrum are the new fashion nowadays. Most IT related companies are interested in hiring people who are familiar with the concepts and are preferably certified, even if the company is not really Agile. That’s why being certified is important for many of us. PSM vs CSM? But, which certification? PSM, CSM, or … ? […]

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scrum + kanban

Does Scrum + Kanban = Scrumban?

If your answer to this question was “yes”, don’t worry; you are not alone. It seems to be logical: Mixing the words “Scrum” with “Kanban” gives us “Scrumban”; but is not. Despite of what people think; using Scrum framework with the Kanban technique will bring you to a point in which you will need to […]

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project manager in scrum

Who is the Project Manager in Scrum?

Those who are not familiar with Scrum may think that a Scrum Master is the same as a Project Manager (PM) and this is not correct. Others think that the Project Mangers role is the same as the Product Owner, but this is also incorrect. So is the Scrum Master a Project Manager? The answer […]

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scrum story points

What are Scrum story points?

This question appears when you need the development team to do a comparative analysis of all the User Stories of the project. Especially when you are picking a story from the Product Backlog and start understanding how much effort we´ll need to perform it. So, we are talking about an effort-based estimation instead of a […]

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