AgilePM® Foundation

Welcome to the AgilePM® Foundation course!

In this course, we’ll learn about Agile project management based on the DSDM methodology. Besides learning a lot about the way you can manage your Agile projects, you will be able to pass the APMG’s AgilePM Foundation exam too.

This is our arrangement in the course: don’t worry about remembering any concept; that’s our responsibility to make sure it happens. All we expect from you is to relax and enjoy the lessons without distractions. Lessons are very short (normally about 6 minutes), so you can take at least one every day, no matter how busy you are. A continuous pace really improves your learning.

If you’ve not bought the course yet and would like to check and see if it’s the right course for you, we suggest you start with the first lesson and go on normally, instead of jumping between lessons. The first 30% of the course is freely available; even without registration.

Enjoy the course!