Introduction to Agile Project Management (AgilePM®)

Agile PM Foundation is a Methodology created by APMG that is aimed to those who has Management Positions and work in project-focused organizations and want to become Agile.

Agile PM is mainly focused on giving you a Full Methodology to follow in order to become Agile your Projects instead of providing a Guidance on how to do it.

Let’s say, you are working in a company and you have your own piece of software for your business as usual and you are earning money using that. There is a business side in your company like sales and marketing and an IT department that adds new features to the existing software, maybe creates new pieces of software or maintaining, things like that; And one day, one of the people from the business side comes to you and says they need something new.

introduction to agile project management

They want to start a new project to create something new. They want to start, for example, a mobile application to increase sales in a way.

introduction to agile project management 2

First you don’t know exactly what they want and how would you proceed with that? What would you do? The most common way for us, for technical people and management people is to start a conversation with the business people and ask them question about the things they have in mind, their needs and things like that. We do it and we keep doing that, as long as we have a complete understanding of their expectations and when you are confident that we know their expectations, then, we think of a product that can realize those expectations.

Now, is when we have the product and we create a plan that can help us create that product. Then we start the project and towards the project our goal is to follow the plan because that is probably the best way we can realize that product.

introduction to agile project management 3

We usually have deviations, and that’s completely normal and is okay, we have to have a monitoring and controlling system to understand the deviations and recover from them and get back on track. After a while, we create a product as it was planned and designed upfront and we show it to the business people.

In certain cases and in some projects, when we do that, we realize that Oh No! The expectations were something else. We couldn’t really understand the expectations upfront. It doesn’t happen in every project.

introduction to agile project management 3

When you want to construct a building or when you want to build a bridge, you can understand the expectations from the beginning and the plan everything and create a product and everyone will be happy. But in some projects such as IT development, it usually doesn’t happen, things are different.

How can we prevent this from happening? How can we solve this problem? Because it is very common, we’ll talk about it in the next article.


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