MoP® Foundation Classroom Training

Course Aim

The MoP® Foundation course from Management Plaza aims to provide the portfolio management knowledge, and to prepare the candidate for the MoP Foundation Certificate examination.

Course Content
  1. Introduction – This part reviews the answer to three basic questions: What’s MoP? What’s a portfolio? And what’s portfolio management? The objective is to create a clear understanding of the basic concepts, which would be useful for the rest of the course.
  2. Roles and Management Products – We’ll have a quick review of the roles and responsibilities and management products of MoP in this part.
  3. Principles – MoP is based on 5 core principles, and we should always have them in mind and adhere to them. Failure in realization of a single principles will decrease chances of success dramatically. This lesson introduces the portfolio management principles.
  4. Definition Cycle – This part introduces the cycles concept of MoP, which are sets of actions or areas we practice for managing the portfolio, followed by a detailed explanation on the first cycle: Definition Cycle.
  5. Delivery Cycle – This part reviews the second and last MoP cycle and its seven practices. This cycle realizes the portfolio plan and ensures that the benefits are realized and organizational strategic objectives are achieved.
  6. Mocks – We also review two sample MoP exams to better prepare for the actual one.
Course Format

A Management Plaza trainer or a delegated external trainer will conduct the course. The trainer will deliver the content of the course with the aid of slides, Q&A and examples.

Course Duration

The duration of the course is 3 days.

Course Pre-Requisites

A fundamental understanding of PRINCE2® will be advantageous for the participants.