MP Pass Guarantee

MP Exam Pass GuaranteeWe support until you get certified!


We believe our courses offer the best possible preparation for the PRINCE2® Exams and you will pass in your first try. Therefore we provide you with the MP Pass Guarantee. It is currently available for the following:

Our Guarantee is simple and straightforward. Your risk is almost ZERO. Here is how it works: you enroll in the PRINCE2 Foundation online Self Study & Exam. After attending our training, you will take our full version simulated PRINCE2 Foundation exam(75 questions) included in your package. If you score more than 75%, you are eligible for the MP Pass Guarantee in a window of 21 days. If your score is lower or you’re going to take the exam after 21 days, you can simply use our material to study and take a new simulated exam, get a minimum score of 75%, and get a new MP Pass Guarantee period of 21 days (without any charges of course).

If you’r eligible and you don’t succeed in the PRINCE2 Foundation exam on your first attempt, we will fully pay your re-exam fee, analyze your results, and provide coaching through e-mails and chat, provided that you schedule the second test to be taken within twenty one (21) days from the date of the first test.

MP Pass Guarantee conditions:

  • You have passed all lessons in the PRINCE2 Introduction course and PRINCE2 Foundation course
  • You’ve taken the simulated exams( the one with 75 questions) included in your package and your last score had been more than 75% (if it’s lower than 75%, we strongly recommend you to study more, until you get a score of at least 75%. It’s OK to take the simulated exams multiple times and pass guarantee will be applicable whenever you can reach 75% in your last try.)
  • Take screenshot of your result and send this to (this is proof that you got > 75%)
  • Take the PRINCE2 Foundation Exam not later than 21 days of your last simulated exam (If you have to take the exam after 21 days, you can simply take a new simulated exam before that. If the score is higher than 75%, the pass guarantee will be applicable, and otherwise, we strongly suggest you study and take the simulated exam again).