Rodrigo Simoes  Before to take a decision which course to enroll I did a huge research in order to get the best preparation course, I did it especially in Brazil but I haven’t found anything better even similar to this course, with this course we can fit our professional and personal life with no trouble, everyone from Plaza is always ready to support us, the course price is very cheap, material provided is very good.
In summary, with this course you can ensure your PRINCE2 certification.
I really recommend this Preparation course for PRINCE2 Certification

This was an easy to follow course which covered the syllabus effectively.

Herman Bosman  Yesterday I passed my Prince2 Practitioner exam with a good high score and I am very pleased with this result.
Your CBT method, Practitioner Training Manual, Exam Papers, Extra Q&A and example documents helped me a lot in achieving this result. Again many thanks.

I have to say Management plaza is one of the best resources I’ve ever used. I will be recommending it to others.

With the Management Plaza Self Study course, passing the Foundation Exam is made very possible. Very helpful materials especially the PRINCE2 Foundation Training Manual, Q&A Workbook and Audio Q&A course for the car. I definitely recommend the Management Plaza PRINCE2 Self Study course to anybody who wants to learn about project management or PRINCE2.

I have to rate the PRINCE2 Self Study material 5 out of 5, its quality assured and comprehensively complete. The material brought my OGC Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 guide back to life in a way that demonstrates possible application more comprehensively.
Frank’s delivery is engaging and verbally animated (if that is possible) in a way which works for my personal learning style. I can unreservedly recommend the content and his delivery fits pretty much all learning styles I would imagine keeping in mind that this content can be a heavy topic when you’re a total newbie. Having passed my exam, I am surprised at the real scale of value offered through Frank’s distance learning courses.
I was so impressed, that I hope he continues giving great workshops here in Ireland in the hope an opportunity comes around again soon for me to update and refreshing my PRINCE2 best practice and management skill set.

I teach project management training and I have reviewed the training material from the point of view of my students. Compared to other project management self study courses this is by far the best I have seen for the following reasons:
– Very simple, short and important introduction course (pre-course)
– Options for students to watch (video), read (book) or listen (audio)
– The Foundation Q&A workbook really helps the students to identify the important information in each chapter.

The Management Plaza training resources were just great and made it easy for me to pass the PRINCE2 Foundation Exam. I had little prior knowledge of PRINCE2 and as such went from zero to hero in about 2 weeks. I mainly used the videos as my learning material and the Foundation Q&A workbook after each video. The past questions and the extra questions provided by Frank were great

Big thanks to Management Plaza for creating such a brief but concise and effective Self Study Material enough for me to pass the PRINCE2 Exams. Well organized and well written, flexible and enjoyable material that assures to pass the PRINCE2 Exams. The only company I find that offers no time limitation for the online training.

It’s a really self study course, with all the explanations you need about every topic to study at your own pace. Materials are very flexible as you can download them in various formats that will suit your needs. Audio podcasts are great when driving and or doing something while learning. Thumbs up!

All materials are easy to use, really understandable, detailed and give all the necessary information to pass the Foundation exam. Even for a rookie as I was. :)

Comprehensive course with a great list of materials to study. Definitely allows to get familiar with PRINCE2 Methodology and offers structured approach so the learning is going really smoothly. Also important is that I can use the material after the PRINCE2 as they will help me in my job.

This PRINCE2 Practitioner Self Study course was very easy for me to follow and learn from. The Practitioner Training Manual from Management Plaza was my main learning tool and I used the audio course while traveling. The approach was very practical and the Learn Thru Questions helped me to make sure I knew PRINCE2.

The PRINCE2 Self Study Courses and support from Management Plaza is highly recommended! Very well organized and easy to understand. A step by step, well and clearly written materials that would suit any PRINCE2 student. Support from the Management Plaza Team is fast and very helpful. You can’t go wrong choosing Management Plaza for PRINCE2 Exam preparation.

I chose to mostly listen to Management Plaza’s CBT PRINCE2 LTQ podcasts on my iPhone while at my desk or driving the car (hands free of course!). I particularly liked Frank’s easy going style of presenting the material (that included the odd spattering of humour which I think we could use a lot more of in this dry dry world of project management lol!) making it very easy to understand and retain not only for the exams (which I passed both – no problem) but now I am so looking forward to starting (or should I say STARTING UP) my next project!

Management Plaza made Self Study Courses that are easy to follow, practical approach. This way even beginners of PRINCE2 can definitely make use of the material and understand well the PRINCE2 Methodology. Study materials are highly recommended so be sure to go for the best for PRINCE2, Management Plaza!

It’s a great way to better understanding the official book. Great examples which will surely for the exam preparation.

Very structured material with lots of practical tips & tricks to remember. Good balance between concepts, Q/A and practical examples. Simple to follow and retain the important points.

Very nice course. Well done and prepared that will help pass the exam. Audio and Video courses help a lot as well as the training manual. Overall, Self Study course quality is well recommended to anybody who wants to learn PRINCE2 or pass the PRINCE2 exam.

Great self study courses! Training manuals are the best as it makes learning very interesting. Support from Frank and the team are really helpful. You will surely pass the exams if you use this Self Study.

Very happy by the quality and the easy understanding of the courses. Documents, files, audio and videos are really helpful as I can study anytime at anywhere. One of the best Self Study courses I have used. Thanks also for the support in booking the PRINCE2.

Very comprehensive self study material that is presented in a way that makes it easy to learn the PRINCE2 methodology. You can read the manuals, or listen to the podcasts or watch the videos. Frank developed great PRINCE2 material. Truly recommended.

With Management Plaza Self Study course, passing the Foundation Exam is made very possible. Very helpful materials especially the PRINCE2 Foundation Training Manual and Q&A Workbook. I definitely recommend the Management Plaza PRINCE2 Self Study Course and Support!

If I’m to rate this PRINCE2 Self Study material, I will rate it 5 because it’s very comprehensive, easy to understand and digest and I will recommend to anybody who want’s to understand and pass the PRINCE2 exams without class room studies. Thank you for producing this wonderful material, it has been very helpful to me.

Management Plaza’s PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner CBT exceeded my expectation not just in its cost-effectiveness but also in its simplicity. Recommend to anyone looking to sit for the PRINCE2 exams. Best PRINCE2 Introduction and self-study material on the internet. I sampled a few other Self Study courses but nothing came close to Frank’s approach.

Management Plaza resources aid me in passing my Prince 2 Foundation Exam. I had no prior knowledge of PRINCE2 and as such went from zero to hero in about 2 weeks. I only used the video’s as my learning material as I felt that was the best method for me. The past questions and the extra questions provided by Frank were great. I knew I was ready for the PRINCE2 Exam.

I passed the PSM I test with a 95% ..and your practice tests/simulated exams were incredibly helpful and “SPOT-ON”. I was surprised that I can use it a lot of times and it really did prepare me well for the exam!..Thanks so much !!! Now, I’ thinking of taking the next step and taking the PSPO I test and will surely still going with Mplaza.pm

I am really very happy with this result of my PRINCE2 Foundation Exam. Thank you for the very good quality of your training material. The PRINCE2 Foundation Online Self Study Course is very impressive covering all the necessary topics for passing the exam. I like the training manual and the audio course! The videos are very well presented and Frank has a crisp English. I already signed up for the Practitioner exam and I will sign up later in June for the Agile certification, once I pass the practitioner test.I already recommended your website to other friends and I will keep on recommending it.

I passed PRINCE2 through Mplaza.pm. Thankfully I found this company. The Foundation course is very thorough and I understand why they give pass guarantee as you will really get the most out of it to pass the exam. The training material for PRINCE2 foundation and the website was easy to use and very helpful.

Online course is very informative, covers general concepts and tackles specifics for in-depth understanding.Good examples illustrated to clarify concepts. Questions are similar to the real assessments that  increases the confidence level to take real assessment. Very well structured study materials and you wont regret having Management Plaza help you pass your exams.

Thanks to your Prince2 preparation material I passed the foundation earlier this year. I am now heading to PSM I in 2016 and I am currently reading your “A Guide to Passing the Professional Scrum Master TM (PSM) Exam” Version 1.3. Keep the good work guys. Your material is excellent.

I have cleared PSM I thanks to the study material provided by you!!! Scored 95%.
Thanks for putting up the great material and help guides! The efforts of reading each section, using flashcards and giving mock exams multiple times paid off! :)Followed your instruction “Give your practice exam as a real exam and give real exam as a practice exam”

Certified SCRUM Master now!!

I am deeply satisfied with both the website and the training material. Your material has provided with an effective way to get to an excellent grip on all the relevant elements that make up the PRINCE2 methodology. Passing the exam based on the provided training lessons on your website is close to be considered as a by-product, compared with the condensed knowledge on PRINCE2 built-up by working through the exercises. In my view nothing of importance that you can really do to improve. Congrats on this great job!

I just want you to know that I had a good experience with your website and also with the materials.
At the “exam simulations” I think that the questions are easier compering with the real exam.
For sure I will come back for other exams too. I hope in the future you can add more courses.

The PSM 1 Simulated Exams and course is a MUST material for you that is getting prepared for the PSM I certification. It will not only give you a real feel of what is the test, but also will prepare you with all the explanation and tips to rock the test! I managed to pass with a score of 97,5% with the help if this material! You’ve done an amazing work!

I have now sat and passed the Foundation Exam, and will now start on the Practitioner syllabus.
Your course certainly made it easy, with good and understandable content and I will certainly be recommending it to anyone wanting to get Prince2 certification. It certainly worth the money!

I’d like to thanks to all the MPlaza members and specially to Nader for his great work! The “PSM I Preparation Practice Exams” is the best ! I have just passed the PSM I ASSESSMENT with 98.8% !

Everything is explained very well! And I’ve got the idea that the author Frank Turley really knows what he is talking about!He is really the PRINCE2 Coach. I now understand why they give ‘Pass Guarantee’ because following this course will make you pass the Foundation exam the 1st time, which is a great thing! ;) It’s nice that Mplaza was aware of the new 2017 version and prepared themselves witch launching a new Online Course at the same time the Prince2 2017 version was released by Axelos. (Even though the difference between the 2009 and 2017 version isn’t that big.. I’ve heard) Personally I have not used the games so I can’t say anything about that. So far, i have enjoyed the course and yes i am greatly satisfied with Mplaza.pm!

Thank you soo much Management Plaza! I am glad to inform that I passed my PSM-I assessment today with 90% score using your PSM bundle. I don’t think I could have achieved this in such short span of time without your practise exams. Big thanks. Now I am going after PSPO-I

I found it extremely helpful for my preparation of PSM I exam, the scrum training material – very succinct and great supplement to scrum guide. makes you absorb the content completely and greatly helps you master the fundamentals. The PSM I Preparation Practice Exams – 3 complete exams (250 questions) was a gem. I found the questions were of high standard similar to the ones asked in the actual test. The question sets here will surely help you master the fundamentals and greatly help you clear the exam. Highly recommend.

Just thought I would say thank you for a great product set, the mix of Audio learning, Audio questions and answers and the pen project (Sample PRINCE2 Project) helped me pass both the Foundation and Practitioner exams with good results.
Thanks also for the ability to download most of your material as I wish to keep using it in the future.
I will promote your products to anyone I know who is taking the exams.

I just passed my PSM-1 exam. Your course in PSM 1 was extremely helpful. It is well structured and well prepared. The simulated exams has such similar questions to the real one and using it multiple times practiced me get familiar with the questions and answers. It is very easy to use!

I am very happy to be Prince2 Practitioner Certified and I would like to thank all the MPlaza team for being very supportive during this journey. The training material was very comprehensive, nice structured and the made me study for the exam with great pleasure! This is the best material on the market and I highly recommend it!

The Management Plaza free materials guarantee you 60% pass to your Prince2 examination. And 100% pass guarantee for the premium ones which is totally true to my experience! I wonder if this organization is a profit or non profit organization. Thanks a lot for your perpetual assistance during my examination preparation. I will sureley come back and recommend more people to try.

I bought my e-learning course from ILX Group including the exams, but their e-learning isn’t that great compared with your manual. Then I did some browsing online and found good reviews about your book, and when I purchased it and started reading within a week I was already learning Prince2 Foundation really well. Your manual is very complete and is very helpful even for those who doesn’t have PRINCE2 background.
ILX e-learning is not student friendly as compared to your manual which is made for easy understanding. Very great material for people who are not native English speakers. That’s why now I would like to do the same with the Practitioner.

The preparation of materials for both PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner Courses are very comprehensive. I passed both examinations by using only Management Plaza’s materials. I would highly recommend others who are sourcing for a best online course for PRINCE2 to use Management Plaza. It is the best value for your money!

I found very interesting materials on youtube. Then I visited your website and enjoyed free materials.
After than I decided to buy course and exam from Management Plaza which is truly worth it!
The audiobook was very helpful as I listen to during my way to work. Materials were in’not complicated’ english for easy understanding for non-native English Speakers.
Overall, Management Plaza’s products and services are worth every penny and by far the best company for PRINCE2!

First of all, I have to say that, in my opinion, you have the best price without that affecting the quality of the course itself. That said, I really liked the easiness of getting through the methodology, the introduction to PRINCE2 so you are aware of the basics and, overall, the PRINCE2 training manual. It is clear, well organized, the examples are easy to follow and, because in the end the main objective of an exam is to pass it – it doesn’t always prove whether you know about a subject or not -, the summary at the end of every chapter where you explain “what you need to know for the PRINCE2 exam” becomes a must.

This is to thank Frank Turley for his effective and concise document that helped me to pass the Prince2 Foundation exam. I read it jointly with other books like PRINCE2 Foundation Training Manual and some online presentations (including some of Frank Turley ones on youtube). Very effective. Highly recommended! Thanks Frank!

I am very thankful I found Mplaza.pm’s Practitioner Exam training course. My overall experience with the exam was great. Some questions were tricky but with the knowledge I gained from the Practitioner Course I was able to pass with more than 80%!.

The training material is awesome! I am a developer with experience in scrum and XP environment, but not a scrum master. Not yet :)) I did purchase the PSM preparation practice test and followed the instructions. Passed the PSM I exam on scrum.org on my first attempt. Can’t wait for your PSM II practice test to be released. I will be the first one to purchase it. Thank you so much!

I was looking for the some Material before preparing myself for PSM 1. As I googled I saw pretty good reviews for the Management Plaza… I thought its worth Investing 47 € to give it a try and I should say its really a “Great Value which is provided” Excellent Bundle with good Content. The Videos and explanation by Nadar were Excellent, the Tips and Tricks about the exam and the details in the The-Scrum-Master-Training-Manual very good. The practice exams helped me lot I could not secure more than 85 % in the Practice exams but this helped me to review on my mistakes I made and in combination of going through SCRUM Guide, I took the PSM 1 exam on the 7th Aug 2017 I secured 91.3%. I recommend this … fully ! Thanks Mngmt Plaza…

I am enjoyed this course a lot and been taking lots of notes. I have  finished the entire course and so far I am very happy with the training course. I’m sure I will pass the exam next week!

Overall the course material is throughly designed catering to the most obvious and subtle understanding that is required for the Foundation Exam.

More specifically, I like the quality of the course material in terms of the following:

a) The training material is relevant because it follows the requirement for the exam.
a) Presentation slides are precise and and presentation is clear, and easy to understand.
c) The Simulator and the two Exam papers for exercise helped me to build my confidence.
d) The manual is excellent covering exactly what is required for the Foundation exam.
e) I thought the Q&A book was really helpful for last minute revision. The audios were good though I had no time to run through all the audios.

Overall experience with the training was great. Now I intend to enroll myself for the Practitioners Exam.

Your website is fast and very simple to surf. Excellent!

Thank you very much for your high quality online support. The response from your support team 24 by 7 was fantastic.

I bought the Prince2 Training Manual from Management Plaza which really helped me in visualising and therefore passing the exam. I also see that this will help in making my own templates for my Project Toolkit. Now I am preparing to pass Agile Scrum Foundation and using Management Plaza materials gives me confidence that I will surely pass the exam like the PRINCE2 experience.

I am a student currently preparing to sit my Foundation and Practitioner PRINCE2 at the end of this month.
I’ve been using both of Management Plaza books concurrently (The Prince 2 Foundation Training Manual and the Practitioner Manual) and they have been a great help. I just wanted to say thank you for all your help for making me feel fully confident passing the exams with all the knowledge I got from reading your books. I cannot think about any reason not to pass the exams with use of your materials for preparation. I will surely recommend your materials and services to my colleagues.

Provided all I needed to pass the Foundation Course. Complete package the includes all essential and well prepared materials to pass PRINCE2 Exams. Highly recommended.

Management plaza is a very professional company with a very high level customer care. They also has high quality documents, exercises, examples and manuals. The video course is just great!
I have a full and complete satisfaction to management plaza. I’ll recommend you to my colleagues.
Thank you

I have passed the Practitioner exam!  I am very very happy. This is just the beginning and I am glad I can now put in practice all what I have learnt through these last months through Management Plaza’s courses. They surely are worth the money as you can get more than what you paid for! Materials, support and services are just amazing. I highly recommend them and surely will get back when I decide to go for the Management of Portfolios certification.

I’m enjoying the material! The audio course for PRINCE2 Practitioner is really helpful. It is very flexible to use even when you are doing something as it can be used in mp3 format. I have downloaded it in my mobile and its very easy to have an on-the-go study material!

Bought PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner Exam and Course package and I am very satisfied. I passed PRINCE2 Foundation in one take and got a really high score! I appreciate a lot the different schemes provided along with the course. The videos are very helpful as well as the simulated exams. I am now preparing for my PRINCE2 Practitioner and still I am enjoying the course much.

I had both PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner self-study with Management Plaza, and passed both exams from the first attempt with good scores.

Overall, the study materials provided for both levels were helpful, enjoyable, cost-effective, and efficiently cover the syllabus areas. Frank Turley used a very distinctive and structured approach throughout the training manual and other materials to deliver the required knowledge, with lots of examples and scenarios.

The free Introduction to PRINCE2 was an excellent starting point. The audiobooks, LTQs, and Sample PRINCE2 Project were helpful resources for me to reinforce learning and feel confident to sit for the exams.

I’ve choose Management Plaza because it’s the only organization proposing a extended course made of diverse materials and tools.
Your course, especially for PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner contains several examples which enlighten trainees on how to manage a project using PRINCE2 methodology.

One more thing: Regularly emailing with Nader has been important in my process of decision making.
Nader taught me many things through free courses he used to give on the web.
Always ready to provide advices, Nader is always open and ready to answer any question. Thumbs up to the quality materials and customer service Management Plaza provides!

I have recently completed PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner self study course and completed both Exams. Happy to share that I have passed both scoring 60/70 in foundation and 64/80 in Practitioner. I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for helping me throughout to complete these certifications. I enjoyed thoroughly. Course contents I thought extremely well organised and easy to follow. Examples used were quite appropriate and I could relate. Therefore, congratulation for providing such a rich training program for people like us who love project management. Thank you very much.

I took PRINCE2  Practitioner Exam and course package from Management Plaza. I found the Prince2 practitioner online course to be very well structured and easy to follow.It is the best self-study course I have undertaken. I would be happy to use Management Plaza again and recommend to other students.

I purchased PRINCE2 Foundation Exam and Self Study Course. The courses is full of very useful materials and since I am more of a ready I really liked the PDF files and sample exams a lot. Passed the Foundation Exam in 1 take! Thanks Management Plaza! Thumbs up for such a great service.

I wanted to get certified in PSM 1. After doing lot of research couldn’t find a place which just carters to the course and certification i was looking for. Luckily i came across Management Plaza PSM Course exam. The Price was super cheap and without a thought, bought it. The content was quite simple and easy to understand. Got my basic cleared with a huge list of sample questions & boom after 5 days, i was PSM 1 Certified !!!

Arun Agrawal

I have used the PRINCE 2 Foundation Training manual and 2 more conected to this-Q&A and introduction to the processes. I find them very useful and helpful. I like this part in the beginning of each chapter where you give example from the practice. Even with your books you do not need a course for preparation. I felt myself ready from the first day to sit for example. Thank you very much! And finally I pass the exam with 74% correct answers.

I was looking for a training provider for some free materials and I found Management Plaza. Tried the free materials and I was so impressed so I decided to purchase the full PRINCE2 Foundation package. I really enjoyed the course as it was so nicely prepared that is so friendly to students even with less project management background. The videos are well done and the accent of the speaker is understandable. I highly recommend Management Plaza.

Thanks for the great learning material! I too the PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam and Course package passed the Practitioner exam on the first try with a score of 76%. The Study Guide, the videos and the sample exams where the best resources for me. There is an abundance of material in this course, as I personally didn’t even use the learn through questions booklet or audio book. Cheers!

Happy new year to you Management Plaza. Well as of yesterday evening I am officially PRINCE2 Practitioner certified!All because of your help through your course and exam arrangement. Obviously I am delighted with this as  I have passed the exams using all your very well prepared study materials. Thanks for your messages, for the study tips and exam assistance. Your support and more importantly the great content within the courses. Regards, Paul.

Firstly. thanks very much. I passed with 90% (attached below)! The materials are really great – absolutely spot on (!) and helped me a lot even when I was only able to read from flight back from holiday in the states 2 days before the Foundation exam. Doing your practice exam (pdf exam and doing it on my iphone only) really helped and gave me confidence. I finished it in 30 mins and lots time to review and I knew I passed with at least 90% and true enough I did!

I passed my Prince2 foundation exam and want to thank Management Plaza for the material I purchased which was really useful specially the audio questions. Studying has been made very easy through the materials Management Plaza offer!

If you are a busy person like me and want to learn Prince2 without losing days in a classroom, this self-study package is the way to go. Study during your slots of wasted time: in hotels, aeroplanes, … It worked great for me.

Training material was very good. I was pleased to find videos in the course. It was very helpful. The lessons were really well prepared and organized in away you can follow-up the learning properly.
Training Manual and Simulated exams are really good. I have used it over and over and successfully aced the Foundation exam with 96%.I am doing PRINCE2 Practitioner now and still very pleased with the training materials. Although I may have some suggestions later on but so far learning is really doing well.

I went through the complete PRINCE2 self study material from Management Plaza and highly recommend it. The manuals, audio and video lectures are very comprehensive and a lot of fun to get up and running in the world of project management. No worry for the final exams as well, provided Q&As, tests and team’s support are top-notch!

Thumbs up! High quality materials. I passed the Foundation Exam in one take all with through the help of Mplaza! Surely they have satisfied all my expectations. There claims as the most honest and no hidden fees offers is true! Materials are worth it as well as their customer service! Thank you Mplaza. I cant wait to pass Practitioner exam and surely it will be through your service.

Easy to follow and understand as everything you needed was in a grey box, also I really liked the videos and someone always got back to me on the chat service or through email when I requested help.
I liked the videos because Frank and Eralp made it easy to understand and although I found the Prince2 Foundation exam quite hard I was able to successfully pass it and for this I thank Management Plaza.
So anyone thinking of doing Prince2 I recommend Management Plaza as they offer the best resources out there in order for you to successfully pass your exams

Best Self Study Course I may say. Well written, very easy to study, comprehensive. It can suit any learner even with zero project management background. Thumbs up! Will surely be with Management Plaza for my Practitioner Exam.

The PSM materials works really fine. I enjoyed using the Simulated Exams. There are a lot of questions to practice and it did really polish my knowledge to pass the exam.

I work in the construction industry and I wanted to follow a training that I could apply to my day to day work. This is one of the best online trainings I’ve had. All the materials in the Self Study package was really helpful for passing the PRINCE2 Exam and even using this at work for my job. I will highly recommend this Self Study course from Management Plaza.

PRINCE2 Materials are very good. I like the simulated exams a lot and the training manual. The support is superb as it gives precise answers and good service!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for putting together another excellent package the PSM l Preparation Practice Bundle for us ! Passed my PSM 1 with 95% on first attempt. It happened the same with Prince2 Foundation & Practitioner. They way you put info together and the the way you lead us through the learning process is exceptionally useful, effective and very reasonably priced.

Very effective material to learn from. excellent way to prepare quickly for the exam. Greatly organized Self Study course in order to learn easily

I have a very positive feedback for the PRINCE2 Foundation Online Course. I am doing very fine with it and I enjoy every bit of it. It is a complete pack that has all the necessary materials I can think of in order to pass the exam. I find it very user friendly and easy to follow. The Exam simulator is very helpful and I’ve been doing really great with it and passed it a lot of times.I am excited to pass my exam within 2 weeks time!

Best Self Study course to prepare for the PRINCE2 Exams. Great quality materials that is easy to learn and understand. By far the best Self Study course that I have used. Thanks Management Plaza.

Thank you, for me the self study course worked quite well, material was sufficient and I didn’t need a copy of the manual to help me through the exam.

Recommend to anybody who wants to learn PRINCE2 and pass the Exam. The PRINCE2 Training Materials are excellent especially the Foundation Training Manual and the Foundation Q&A workbook.

In the first place let me thank you for the awesome website and resources you are sharing with us – PRINCE2 “wannabees”. I passed both P2F and P2P with more than decent scores basing only on materials you have provided + experience and bit of common sense.

Thank you for the great quality of your study materials, and for providing them at such affordable prices.
The online Foundation course was excellent, and the quality of the practice exams and quizzes was so great that the probability of failing the exam was almost 0%. The Audio Q&A material provided gave me the opportunity to learn more about Prince2 anytime, anywhere as it can be used even on mobile phone.
The online Practitioner course with all the study cases provided, helped me understand how to apply Prince2, thus improving my knowledge.

I heard about you on the Scrum.org forum. Your material is fully compliant with the official Scrum guide and exams. I purchased your preparation packages for PSM I and PSPO I exams, and I couldn’t be more satisfied. I find them well designed, well explained, straightforward, practical and very helpful. I passed both exams, and it’s fair to say that lessons and advises I had from your package.

Most of all thank you for your availability and your fast reply to all of my questions.

Just to say, my freind has used your PSM preparation module and has succefully passed the PSM exam yesterday, for me, i still prepare it, and i will pass the exam within a week, your DOCS is greatfull”

The Self Study Course is impressive. Only company who gives unlimited access to such complete online course. Great way to learn at your own time.

Loved the online manuals and test exams. Well organized and highly comprehensive materials.

I would definitely recommend this material to anyone who is serious about passing his PRINCE2 exams. I used it as my major self-study source in passing my PRINCE2 Practitioner course and I scored quite a high score!

This PRINCE2 Self Study course is very well done. You have lots of options for the materials and also can be saved locally so I continue to use after the exam (No time limitation). I found it easy to learn what PRINCE2 was all about and the Q&A Foundation manual made it easy to prepare for the exam. I think this is the best course for PRINCE2! Well recommended!

I just passed the PSM I exam and wanted to thank Management Plaza so much for your preparation material. I took the PSM 1 Preparation Bundle (Simulated Exams and Full Course) with MP and I am without a doubt very satisfied. Without it, it would have been nearly impossible.

Hi Good morning. Just want to thank you MPlaza which helped me in clearing the exam PSM I with 98%. I used the PSM I Simulated Exams and Scrum Training manual which are a perfect pair. These are the only materials I used in studying for the exam and quickly passed it! Thank you again Mp!

Very reliable, easy to understand and convenient especially due to the audio and video. Well prepared to support for the exam and I will use the training material after the exam to help me in my day to day job.

I cleared the PSM 1 exams with 98 % last week , Sharing 3 things which helped me prepare effectively for the exams

Read Scrum guide min five times to absorb the content completely, you really need to get the guide (internalize it) . Sorry for sounding repetitive the 16 page guide needs to be absorbed and you need to be completely flat with the core concepts no trick here. While the questions are not directly from scrum guide , they revolve around scrum guide, basically the application of concepts in real time scenario. Make sure you understand who is who and about the roles of different people in every capacity.
Do the open assessment as many times as possible while doing it for the second time you should aim to get 100 % within 10 mts .
For me the key to passing the exams was mock tests I took on website PSM I Preparation Practice Exams | MP by Management Plaza. The website offers excellent mock test (3) and the questions were what helped me gain confidence for the actual exam (there are explanation for each answer ) . It costs around 27 Euro. Their customer support is really awesome

I purchased PRINCE2 Practitioner Self Study course to prepare for my Practitioner Exam. I never thought I could pass the exam right away through the help of the course. Even so the exam is open book I didnt use my official book during the exam and relied on what I learned from Mplaza’s full course. The training manual included is very helpful, the audio course is very useful as it can be used in any device, plus the sample exams which I enjoyed so much. Thank once again Management plaza!

Nice introduction to PRINCE2 and to boost your self confidence for taking the Foundation Exam. The Foundation Training Manaal made it so easy to learn PRINCE2 and pass the Foundation Exam. Thanks for booking the exam for me, this is a good service.

Passed the Foundation Exam with the help of the Management Plaza Self Study Course. Best Training Manual as it helped me learn PRINCE2 in the most comprehensive way. Highly recommended to anybody who wants to learn PRINCE2 or prepare for a PRINCE2 Exam.

The PRINCE2 Self Study courses are easy to pick up if you don’t have good experience in Project Management and therefore great help for exams. The study support through chat and email is also great. Best Self Study course I have done.

Great great Foundation Self Study Course. I used the Introduction course, the Foundation Manaul and the Video course to prepare. I highly recommended to person who want to learn PRINCE2. I am now working on Practitioner course.

I have checked all other sample Self Study courses but Frank made Management Plaza’s materials exceptional. Very organized and structured in a way that it will be easy for me to understand. Thumbs up for the best Self Study Course!

I thank you for the quality of this course, it’s very helpfull, course and simulator are very good, for me, it’s time to pass for PRINCE2 Practitioner and yes I did pass the exam in 1 try! This is amazing frm Management Plaza.

Mgmtplaza’s materials are really well structured e.g. the Intro to PRINCE2 focusing on the process was the best thing for me to really grasp the PRINCE2 concept. The Foundation Q&A Workbook really got me ready for the exam. The exam samples from Mgmtplaza looked exactly like the real thing and that also contributed to my confidence during my exam. Although I used a lot of the Mgmtplaza materials I think the Intro to Prince2 and The Foundation Q&A Workbook helped me pass my foundation exam. Precise, concise and relevant. The best material available that I’m aware of that will guarantee you a pass.

I am now a successful EXIN Scrum trainer all because of the EXIN Agile Scrum Foundation Workbook I got from Amazon. It is very well prepared ad helped me a lot in finalizing my requirements to become a trainer. I even use this book in given training. I have asked Management Plaza if they can provide me a PDF file since my copy from amazon is Kindle compatible and Management Plaza agreed. Their service and friendliness to clients is very awesome. I can say that is is a company that doesnt have any hidden charges and what you see is what you get. Thumbs up!

Self Study Courses are well done. It will really help you prepare for taking the PRINCE2 Exams. Whether or not you have a PRINCE2 background, the Self Study Course will help you learn PRINCE2 in an easy and very comprehensive way. Well worth it, if you cannot commit to class room based training (excellent Value for Money).

Simply one of the best online training I’ve had. All the materials in the Self Study package was really helpful for passing the PRINCE2 Exam and even using this at work for my job. I will highly recommend Management Plaza. You won’t be disappointed you did and you will learn PRINCE2.

Thank you, Frank and Nader! Your simulated exams are very well structured and have excellent explanations! I passed my exam with 98% (2 wrong questions). I don’t think I could do it without your help. To be honest, I think the real exam is easier than your simulated ones. The questions in the real PSM exam are more straightforward. But it’s good to have more tricky questoins for practice! Some questions are the same, so I didn’t even read all answers, just simply found the correct one and carried on. Thank you very much!

First of all, I appreciated the fact that I could take a basic course on PRINCE2 for free which is the introduction course. The course was overall good to have a general idea of the tool. Quiet happy to have taken this introduction course, it helped me understand what PRINCE2 is about and that was my main goal. I do not rule out taking a complete PRINCE2 course in the future.

The Introduction Course and the Foundation Training Manual provided me quick and clear explanation of the fundamentals of PRINCE2, so I was reassured this methodology have common sense before digging into it.
Also, I received an example of MP education format, which was specially important for me, because English is not my native. All this, finally, helped me to make decision to pay for Foundation Course and Exam pack, so this free sample was useful for MP as well. I’m very grateful for this opportunity!

I have just gone through Management Plaza’s PRINCE2 training manual and I must say, I have enjoyed reading it. Comparing to a number of other Self Study Materials, I must say that it was a very interesting document to go through and dare I say, was more interesting than the others I have tried. Frank’s sense of humour made it a worthwhile read. Thumbs up for such a quality material to prepare for PRINCE2 exams!

The training material is very good. Passed the Foundation Exam in 1 take using Management Plaza’s course. I like the Simulated exams best. Support is superb. Thank you

I am utterly satisfied with the course and material delivered by mplaza. First of all Nader’s email course was a great and concise information regarding PRINCE2 and gave me a very good view of it. Then the PRINCE2 package, especially with the November discount ;) was a very good offer I could find nowhere, even in local institutions. As of the slides and videos, they were all recorded with a very good quality and the material delivered was also tangible and focused. I must confess I read nothing more than Nader’s emails and Frank’s manual and listened to LTQ audios on my way to and from work and then dedicated a couple of weeks to testing my knowledge using sample and simulated exams of this course. These all led me to these results, which I am totally Happy with.
I would not only suggest mplaza to all my friends and colleagues, but also would certainly take my next courses with you should there be any intentions of having another PM certificate.

Many thanks to Isaira and Jannah for your constant support online. your customer care is amazing!

Hi, I successfully passed today my PSM I exam on the first try. Very useful doing the simulated exams (just before the exam at 100% or near). The real questions are a bit more difficult. I passed my PSM I exam with 90%. Thanks,

The lessons (videos) are very good summaries of the PRINCE2 Manual, delivering the right amount of knowledge for the Foundation exam. The P2F Training Manual is also good.
The LTQs were for me of very high value: I could learn while driving or running and I found this way of repeating many times the same questions and answer a good way to acquire “automaticity”. I started by listening them in the order of the courses but later I discovered that listening them randomly was even better, similar to the exam.
The different charts are also a great help
In fact, what is nice is to have all of these different formats and media: a the end it kind of blends in your head and you get to understand the full map.

This course made me knock my neighbor’s door and ask them their cat’s name. This proves my level of interest and seriousness to what Frank was trying to teach through this course :) On a serious note, I chose MP after rigorous market research and I am glad I did. Course material is suitable for every level in terms of ease and structure. Key points are highlighted and smartly repeated through out the book and presentations. “What Happens in Real World” part of each lesson was my favorite. It really helped me put things in to perspective. I passed my Foundation exam without the need of asking a single question to MP support. I wish MP all the best and hope to see more variety of courses from you. Thanks

I spent the weekend going through Management Plaza’s PSM Course and took the Scrum.org PSM I exam this morning, gaining a score of 95% which is very awesome! I want to add that I thought the course was very comprehensive, well presented and helped me enormously in preparing for my exam.

I would like first to thank Frank Turley for the training manual. A great syllabus.It was really easy to read and to understand.I first followed the online course which gives you a general idea of the content you have to learn.Each step of the course provides you a more accurate and detailed comprehension of Prince2.The training manual was for me very important but the simulated exams were really great and enjoyable!
In conclusion: do not read other books, just follow the course steps at your disposal and you will get the exam.
Thanks also to the whole team that did the course and the support staff via “chat” and email which were very professional and friendly.

Frank was excellent in his style of delivery. He has sound practical knowledge of implementing the PRINCE 2 framework. The presentation was informative and helped me to understand the concepts and terminologies.
I was looking for PRINCE2 training at a short notice and the course enabled me to achieve my goals.
The training was very effective and made me confident about all the concepts of PRINCE 2 for the certification exam. I would definitely recommend Management Plaza’s training programs to others.

Hi Team, Your training really helped me with the concepts and clear the exam with 87%. I used the PSM 1 Preparation practice bundle, its all worth it. The course is very comprehensible, easy to understand and was really giving me all the knowledge needed to pass the exam. The Simulated Exams helped me to practice familiarization with the questions for the real exam. Thank you Management Plaza!

My experience with your Training material was very nice! It was very easy to purchase the exam vouchers, Management Plaza website is very detailed and thorough and every time I had a question there was someone to support me.

So fully satisfied from your service.

Everything is great with the course and I believe that Management Plaza provides a unique way of learning and they’re very professionals in this filed. I’m so glad to have this chance to be PRINCE2 certified by Mplaza and in future I will get back to get the Practitioner exam.

I studied the PRINCE2 foundation material you provided within the training bundle from beginning to the end. Training manual, Sample exams, Simulated Exams, audio course, I think everything was well done and has been very useful in my preparation. I also went through the LTQ material multiple times until I fill all of my gaps. The content of the training is comprehensive enough which really helped me passing the exam, but above of all it helped me to understand the methodology even better.I am now working on my Practitioner preparation still with Mp where I also passed my PRINCE2 Foundation.

I passed both Prince2 Foundation and Practitioner with the Management Plaza package. The PRINCE2® Practitioner Training Manual by Mr Turley is complete and comprehensive, and so are the Learn Thru Questions and the audio course. With their great support and study materials, my PRINCE2 plans has been completed. Thanks Management Plaza!

Took the PSM 1 Preparation Bundle. Excellent course package. I started with (very) basic notions of Scrum and in three days time I passed my PSM1 exam with 92,5%. Content is well structured, easy to read and understand. The sample exams are pretty good and they do reflect the “real” exam type of questions. I do recommend this courseware package!

Very generous and passionate about Project Management. I have tried a few Prince2 training, but so far his was the most detailed and yet easy to learn and affordable. I will definitely reach out again with Mplaza.pm for future certification needs.

The Foundation Self Study course makes me feel more confident to pass the exam. The teams support is very great as they make you feel very comfortable even just doing Self Study and making sure I dont feel left out alone during while doing self study.

My feedback is very positive and especially my thanks to Nader and Frank, who provided me with the course I needed to complete the awareness course. I have now a better understanding, the requirements needed to initiate a project and what it means to manage a project. Once I complete PRINCE2 training properly, I will be in much better position than ever manage a project.The overall beauty with PRINCE2; it equips you with knowledge that can be applied to a variety of issues in our day-to-day walk of life. This is where I am delighted with Management Plaza as the materials are very well structured and prepared to get certified.

With the help of the package I bought I was able to pass the PSM-I with 97.5% yesterday. Mplaza team did a great job with the training material and the sample exams. I’ve been searching for the best the most easy to follow course for PSM and Management Plaza’s PSM package is all worth it.

Id like to thank you all for the great resources and all your products. I found it tangible and accountable and easy to deal with. I found it much much better than I previously have from other company! My money wasnt wasted at all as the Foundation Course is more than what I expected it to be price wise! Thank you Mplaza and will surely register again for my Practitioner Exam.

I’m very grateful to Mr. Turley for such well-thought course, to Management Plaza for user friendly web platform for delivering it and for your attention to my progress. Recently I’ve accidentally faced up some another materials about PRINCE2 and only after that I’ve realized how lucky I was to meet MP first! Mr. Turley’s course – is pure gold. The most important thing (at my sight), that you have all material in 3 different forms (text, audio and video) and they are slightly differs, so the student is in some way forced to pass through all of them and it guaranties the needed number of repeats. Also this helped to built the course in my daily life, I mean, PDF for sofa, mp3 for transport, and video instead of work :)

If you want to be successful with PRINCE2 you should consider the Practitioner Pack from Management Plaza. Let’s face the facts: – More than 1 out of 4 people fail at the Practitioner exam. – Only 5% of people who pass the exam really implement PRINCE2. Knowing these figures it is important to define what you really want. Would you like to pass the exam borderline OR do you want to score well, really understand the concepts and have the ability to implement the PRINCE2 methodology? Then Management Plaza is the right place. Everything you need is included (PDF course, Audio course, Audio learn through questions, Exercices, Example of projects, Management product templates, mock exams…

I am very impressed with the course. the way it was organised. planned, and executed, it was straight forward and easy to understand with practical examples, I have seen many courses on pmp but this is definitely unique, great work, Thanks Management Plaza!

I want to thank  Management Plaza for making it possible for me to pass the PSM 1 course. After using Mplaza.pm’s services (the flash cards and the 3 timed 80 question practice tests) I passed the Scrum.org PSM 1 certification test with 79/80 correct. I owe it to Management Plaza and their product/service passing and doing so well. The best advice I have ever received (and followed-up on) was to utilize Management Plaza. Thank you! James from Phoenix, Arizona USA

The simulated exams were really helpful.I haved used this over and over as the chat support adviced. I managed to take the exam and pass with 96% from the first time, thanks to the help of MPlaza.

I was unsuccessful finding a training center for PRINCE2 in Nigeria and came looking over the internet. Then I came across Management Plaza through searching PRINCE2 Free. Then I purchase the Practitioner package. I can say their training manual is better than the rest I have used even better than the official one. I passed the Practitioner Exam right away after 30 days of preparation.

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