PSM I Exam Simulator

Price: ▼ €27 €27 is equal to:
⚪ 24 GBP
⚪ 31 USD
⚪ 43 AUD
⚪ 41 CAD
⚪ 2,184 INR

PSM I Exam Simulator

Price: ▼ €27 €27 is equal to:
⚪ 24 GBP
⚪ 31 USD
⚪ 43 AUD
⚪ 41 CAD
⚪ 2,184 INR

Learn more, fill in the gaps, familiarize yourself with the style of the exam, and uncover all the secrects before taking your actual exam with the most popular PSM I exam simulator!

PSM Exam Simulator

PSM I Exam Simulator

  • The largest available bank of questions (455 questions)
  • Containing helpful explanations for each question
  • Fully compatible with the PSM I exam (rather than just being random questions about Scrum)
  • Fully updated with the latest changes to the exam and the Scrum Guide
  • With coaching by trainers (limited amount)
  • An affordable exercise to minimize your chance of failing in the real exam

The exam simulator is only ▼ €27 €27 is equal to:
⚪ 24 GBP
⚪ 31 USD
⚪ 43 AUD
⚪ 41 CAD
⚪ 2,184 INR

You can take as many simulated exams as you like for a year from the date of your purchase.

455+ Questions

There's an equivalent of 455 questions in this package, updated with the latest version of the Scrum Guide and most recent changes to the PSM I exam.

The details of questions change dynamically and create more than 600,000 varieties of questions, using the Infinite Exam Simulator™ engine, to prepare you for as many situations as possible (more about it down below).

Have you studied well?

Since 2015, this package has helped thousands of people succeed in their PSM I exams. During this time, we’ve had three major updates to the package as well as many minor ones, all to make sure it’s as helpful as possible, and covers all the changes in the PSM exam and the Scrum Guide.

Note that exam simulators are useful when you’re done with your studies and want to fill in the gaps and familiarize yourself with the style of the exam. If you also need to learn Scrum from’s perspective, and in a way that is compatible with the PSM I exam, you can take our Scrum Framework eLearning course (▼ €35 €35 is equal to:
⚪ 31 GBP
⚪ 40 USD
⚪ 55 AUD
⚪ 53 CAD
⚪ 2,832 INR
). The first 30% of the eLearning course is free, and you can start it right now, even without registering on our website.

Have questions?

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Your administrative and technical questions will be answered quickly by the support team, and your questions about the topic will be sent to our trainers and they will get back to you.

To contact us, you can use the online chat service that is available on the bottom of the pages, or send us an email to

How can I buy it?

You can pay for the course using PayPal, or using a credit card or debit card, through a fully secure and certified platform. You can start with the first lesson of the course, and then buy it using the button on the bottom of any lesson. The course will be available to you for one year from when you pay for it.

You can cancel your order and get a full refund up to one month after your purchase, as long as you've not done more than 30% of your course.

Do you have exam simulators for PSPO, SPS, PSD, or PSK exams?

You can find the PSPO I exam simulator here. We’re working on a PSK exam simulator, and we estimate that we’ll release it by April 2019.
We don’t offer exam simulators for the SPS and PSD exams.

Can I use the PSM I exam simulator to prepare for the PSM II exam?

It would help somewhat, but it won’t cover many of the PSM II topics.

Can I use the PSM I exam simulator to prepare for the PSPO I exam?

It doesn’t cover all the topics of the PSPO I exam. You’d be better using our PSPO I Exam Simulator for that purpose.

Can I buy the exam voucher for the actual PSM I exam from you?

No, you need to buy it directly from The price is $150.

Are the questions in the PSM Exam Simulator the same as those in the actual exam?

They are not the same, but they are similar and have the same style and level of difficulty.

Are all types of questions covered in the Exam Simulator?

While there’s no way we can claim that 100% of topics and all their variations are covered, we’ve tried to cover as much as possible, and we can safely say that the large majority of them are well covered.

Can I see a sample of the questions?

Yes, a small sample is available here.

Can I see a sample of the eLearning course?

Yes, the first 30% of the course is free, and you can take it here.

Can I use the Exam Simulator multiple times?

Yes, you can take as many simulated exams as you’d like, for 1 year after your purchase.

Can I review the results of my previous attempts?

Yes, the detailed result of your exams will be available for up to 3 months.

How many times should I take the simulated exams to be sure I’m prepared?

To make sure that you’ve seen all types of question and are familiar enough with the style of the exam and the way you can manage your time, we suggest taking at least 10 simulated exams. However, there’s a progress-bar in your exam simulator that calculates your fluency in the exam based on your performance, and it’s best to keep taking exams until you reach a high level of fluency.

Will I see repeated questions in the simulated exams?

Questions for each exam are picked randomly, with a higher weighting for topics that you’ve not seen before.

The details of most questions change each time, with 600,000 possible variations of questions in total. Chances are therefore low that you’d see the exact same question. This also helps you get used to paying attention to all the details, because that’s the biggest problem for most candidates.

For example, think of a question like “The Product Owner wants to attend the Daily Scrums to see whether the developers have any difficulty understanding the items in the Sprint Backlog and to explain the items if needed. Which of the following is a correct response from you, as the Scrum Master?”

A variation of this question may appear in a later simulated exam as “… Which of the following is NOT a correct response from you, as the Scrum Master?” because we know that many candidates miss the word “NOT” and pick the wrong answer.

Then in another exam simulator, you may see the question as “… Which two of the following are correct responses from you, as the Scrum Master?” because it’s another common mistake for candidates to miss the word “two” and pick only one choice.
Then, there are also variations in the choices that are generated for each question, which creates a very dynamic and challenging exercise for the learner, with much higher chances of success in the actual exam.

Are Nexus questions covered in the exam simulator?

There are some generic questions about scaled Scrum in the PSM I exam, which are fully covered in the exam simulator. However, Nexus, as one way of scaling Scrum, is not included as a topic in the PSM I exam.

Is reading the Scrum Guide sufficient preparation?

Not at all 🙂 Firstly, there are certain topics in the exam that don’t feature in the Scrum Guide, and secondly, some of topics in the Scrum Guide have a very specific interpretation in the PSM I exam which is not obvious; for example, if you read the Scrum Guide, you will get the impression that there should be only one Definition of Done when there are multiple teams in the project, which this is not considered the right answer in the PSM I exam.

We’ve created the Scrum Framework eLearning course specifically for the purpose of preparing candidates for the PSM I exam.

Can I claim PDUs for using the exam simulator?

Practicing simulated exams doesn’t satisfy the conditions that PMI imposes for PDU.
The Scrum Framework eLearning course is registered with PMI, and you can get pre-approved PDUs for that when you finish the course.

Do I get a certificate of completion?

You’ll receive a certificate of completion when you finish the Scrum Framework eLearning course.
We don’t issue certificates for the exam simulator.

Do you offer coaching to learners?

We offer limited coaching. There’s an option in the exam simulator using which you can contact our trainers to get help about a specific question. This is mainly for learners who have taken both the eLearning course and the exam simulator.

Can I use my tablet or phone to take the exams?

Yes. We’ve tried to create a user interface that is usable on small devices. You may, however, be more comfortable using your laptop or PC.


eLearning Course vs. Classroom Course

Once upon a time, eLearning courses were the inferior choice. This is not the case anymore, and well-formed, quality eLearning courses are better than classroom courses. How come?

Take us, as trainers. Can you imagine how difficult it is to deliver a quality course for 8 hours a day? You get tired, and it impacts the course. Sometimes, the trainer may not be in a good mood, have a personal problem, etc. And who pays for that? The learner. In preparing an eLearning course, in contrast, we spend three to six months, perfecting the course until it's just the way we want it. If we're tired, we just stop working and continue the next day; and if we're not satisfied with a lesson, we record it again, and again, and again!


Now think about yourself. Isn't it difficult to tolerate those hard chairs for 8 hours a day, trying to understand intense topics? Isn't it better to be able to take the course at your own pace, for example, half an hour per day? Isn't it great to be able to go back and take a certain lesson again if needed? And lastly, you don't have to risk your time and money taking a course with a trainer who you don't know.

Why Management Plaza?

There are many eLearning providers, and you might be wondering which one is the best choice for you. In fact, it's a simple decision: all you have to do is to watch demos of the courses and compare them :) Just be careful with one thing: there are some providers who create one or a few interesting videos as samples, while the rest of the course doesn't have anything to do with that.

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