PRINCE2® for Trello

PRINCE2 for Trello – A Chrome Extension  : Download link The objectives of the PRINCE2 for Trello extension are to allow the PRINCE2 Project Manager to: – Add number of hours to each card (estimate and consumed) – Add text to labels so they provide better information – Re-order Labels Based on the feedback we […]

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AgilePM vs. PRINCE2 Agile

AgilePM® vs. PRINCE2 Agile®

Many people have asked me for my opinion on the differences between AgilePM and PRINCE2 Agile. The reason people ask for this is they want to select either the AgilePM or PRINCE2 Agile certification program as their next step, but don’t know which one. So, I’ve decided to explain the differences between the two here. […]

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Compare PRINCE2® online courses

Thinking about using a PRINCE2 Online Course but not sure which one is best and worth the price? Compare PRINCE2 online courses with each other in a simple way: Watch the video to see how to use this site You can click on the column heading to sort You can compare with :  Company name, […]

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Wisdom of the Crowd in Project Management

Wisdom of the Crowd in Project Management

  My Personal Experience All of us, trainers, ask questions from the participants of our courses. The problem is that if you ask it from everyone, a few active people answer all questions, and others remain inactive. If you address the question to individuals, some people might get uncomfortable, as they may believe it’s humiliating […]

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Where can I get PM Experience?

Where can I get PM Experience? Date:   18/09/2015 The goal of this interview is to help answer one of the most important questions we get from young aspiring project managers, which are: Where can I get experience? Which certification should I do? Where can I learn more about project management skills? To help answer these […]

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Scaling Scrum with Nexus

Scaling Scrum with Nexus

  Scrum is primarily defined for one team, with a maximum of 9 members. When more than one team is required, the system is called Scaled Scrum. There are different ways of scaling Scrum. Unfortunately, most of them are focused on generic advice, not clearly defined, or are just too complex. Scrum.org has recently released […]

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