PRINCE2 Benefits Review Plan Template

PRINCE2: This is the full PRINCE2 Benefits Review Plan Template.  Here you can also download this template in MS Word format and access other relevant documents: Link

Purpose A PRINCE2 Benefits Review Plan is used to define how and when a measurement of the achievement of the project’s benefits, expected by the Senior User, can be made. The Plan is presented to the Executive during the Initiating a Project process, updated at each stage boundary, and used during the Closing a Project process to define any post-project benefits reviews that are required.The plan has to cover the activities to find out whether the expected benefits of the products have been realized and how the products have performed when in operational use. Each expected benefit has to be assessed for the level of its achievement and whether any additional time is needed to assess the residual benefits. Use of the project’s products may have brought unexpected side-effects, either beneficial or adverse. Time and effort have to be allowed to identify and analyse why these side effects were not foreseen.

If the project is part of a programme, the Benefits Review Plan may be contained within the programme’s benefits realization plan and executed at the programme level. Post-project, the Benefits Review Plan is maintained and executed by corporate or programme management.

Contents The PRINCE2 Benefits Review Plan should cover the following topics.

  • Benefit Matrix
  • The Project’s Product
  • Resourcing
Advice The PRINCE2 Benefits Review Plan is derived from the: Business Case, Project Product Description (in particular the acceptance Criteria) and if available the programme’s benefits realization plan and the organisation’s corporate performance monitoring function (e.g. centre of excellence).The Benefits Management Plan can take a number of formats, including: Document, spreadsheet or presentation slides; Entry in a project management tool.

The following quality criteria should be observed:

  • Covers all the benefits in the Business Case
  • The benefits are measurable and baseline measures have been recorded
  • Describes suitable timing for measurement of the benefits, together with reasons for the timing
  • Identifies the skills or individuals who will be needed to carry out the measurements
  • The effort and cost to undertake the benefits reviews is realistic when compared with the value of the anticipated benefits
  • Consideration is given to whether dis-benefits should be measured and reviewed.
The Projects Product (In addition to the individual benefits of the project, provide some notes on how the performance of the overall Project’s Product will be reviewed)
Resourcing (Included against each benefit in the matrix but it may be helpful to provide some overall comments or requirements here)

Benefits Matrix

Ref no. Benefit Description Owner[1] Measurement[2] Resources[3] Baseline[4]
      How When    

[1] The Owner is the person who is accountable for the expected benefits
[2] Describe how to measure achievement of expected benefits, and when they can be measured
[3] What resources are needed to carry our the review work
[4] Baseline measures from which the improvements will be calculated

PRINCE2 Benefits Review Plan