PRINCE2® for Trello

PRINCE2 for Trello – A Chrome Extension  : Download link

The objectives of the PRINCE2 for Trello extension are to allow the PRINCE2 Project Manager to:
– Add number of hours to each card (estimate and consumed)
– Add text to labels so they provide better information
– Re-order Labels

Based on the feedback we will continue to add more functionality to the PRINCE2 for Trello extension and help to support PRINCE2 project managers who wish to use Trello.

1) Video Adding hours to a card: This video shows:
– How to add hours to a card (product)
– Calculate Estimated and Consumed hours for a stage
– Choose to display in hours or day/hours
– Modify colours

2) Video Edit text in Labels: This video shows:
– How to view text on labels
– Rules for using labels
– Suggestion for PRINCE2 Labels
– Re-order labels

We will continue to add new functionality as we get more feedback from people who are using it.

3) Adding hours to a card
* Add estimate and consumed hours to each card
* Get a total for list:  See 55hrs and 54hrs consumed
* Get a total for the whole Trello Board:  See example of 129 hrs and 138 hrs

4) Document and product status
* D-Done means that the document is complete e.g. Product Description
* P-Accepted means that the product has been create, quality and accepted
* This makes it easy to track both management documents and specialists products

5) Initiation, Product Breakdown and Stage 2
* List 1: This shows the Start-Up documents and Initiation documents (Stage 1)
* List 2: Product Breakdown list (These products have not been been delivered yet)
* List 3: Stage 2: List all products that are part of Stage 2: As you can see, they are all “P-Accepted”

5) Choose Label to add to product 
* D-Done:  Document = Done  (Management Product or Product Description)
* D-Progress:  Document = In progress (Management Product or Product Description)
* Log/Register: Use for Log and Register files (e.g. Quality, Risk)
* ! : Attention (you can mark something that needs attention)
* Issue: (you can change this)
* P-Accepted: Product has been accepted by customer
* P-To Q Chk: Product  has been developed and ready for quality check
* P-In Dev:  Product is in development

6) PRINCE2 project overview in Trello 
* List 1: Startup and Initiation (Stage 1)
* List 2: Product Breakdown list (product backlog)
* List 3: Stage 2: List of all products for delivery in Stage 2
* List 4: Stage Boundary (this can be combined with another list)
* List 5: Register/Log : List of all Register and Log Files
* List 6: Stage 3: List of all products for delivery in Stage 2
* List 7: Closing documents

7) Registers, Stage 3 and Closing 
* List Log/Register:  All log and register files
* Stage 3: All products planned and done for Stage 3
* Closing: End Project, Updated Business Case and Acceptance Criteria

8) Risk Register Example
* You can list risks like this or in a spreadsheet (link URL)
* Risk are divided up into High Risks, Med Risk and Low Risk
* Close the risk if it it no longer valid

9) Project mandate example
* This is simple example of a project mandate
* As you can see, it does not have to have too much detail

10) Export PRINCE2 project data to excel 
* This gives an overview on how to export the project data to MS Excel

And this is an example of how the excel file looks:



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  1. Ian Hornby February 21, 2017 at 14:53 #

    Is a blank template (perhaps in Excel) of the pen project available in the full version?

    • Frank Turley February 21, 2017 at 16:27 #

      Hi Ian, I can send you the original PowerPoint file if you like. Just let me know if you purchased it and I will be glad to help.

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