PRINCE2 Foundation Exam Simulator 75 Q&A

PRINCE2 Foundation Exam Simulator 75 Q&A

This video shows you how to answer 75 PRINCE2 Foundation Questions and Answers.  Frank takes you through each question, reads the questions, compare the possible answers and then chooses the answer.

Why you should watch this video?

  • Good introduction to the PRINCE2 Foundation questions
  • Better understand the type and style of questions that are asked in the exam
  • Help to understand what is important in the questions
  • Introduction to the PRINCE2 Foundation Exam simulator from MPLAZA
  • Learn how to answer 75 PRINCE2 Q&A

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PRINCE2 Foundation Exam Format

  • Multiple choice (choose from A, B, C, D)
  • 75 multiple choice questions, of which 5 are considered practice questions and do not count towards the final score
  • 50% passing score (35 correct answers out of the maximum 70 possible)
  • 60 minutes duration (see note below)
  • Closed book (cannot use the PRINCE2 manual)
  • No prerequisite
  • Computer-based (>60%), or paper-based

PRINCE2 Foundation Sample Exam

PRINCE2 Foundation Exam Simulator 75 Q&A

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