PRINCE2 Introduction Book (Process Model)

PRINCE2®: This is our PRINCE2 Introduction book  (PRINCE2 Process Model book) is an excellent introduction to PRINCE2®. You can use this training as an introduction to PRINCE2 and to see how all parts of the PRINCE2 project work together. This book is part of our Pre-Course material and this training provides the following information:

  • High level introduction to the PRINCE2 Process Model
  • Shows relationship between processes and components
  • How projects starts and how it moves from one process to another
  • When, where and by who the important documents are created
  • Cover the role of the Project Manager and Project Board
  • How the project board control the project
  • And how a typical project closes

Click to download the PRINCE2 Introduction Book

The main objective of this book is to provide a logical and easytounderstand introduction to PRINCE2. The idea for this book came from the questions I received from people trying to learn PRINCE2 and after reading the PRINCE2 manual.

The PRINCE2 manual for the Project Manager is an excellent reference manual, but can be rather difficult to pick up and read if you are both new to project management and to PRINCE2.

So this book is meant to be an easy introduction to PRINCE2, as it is quickly becoming the most read book on PRINCE2:2009.

The information in this book is also available in other formats, such as ComputerBased Training (CBT) and Podcast so you can watch or listen.

Test your knowledge: You can also download a Q&A podcast, which asks questions based on the information in this introduction book. It then gives a beep signal so you can pause and think about the question and when ready, then click Play to compare your answers. This is a great way to improve your knowledge, as further information can also be provided and this is also why we call this podcast “Learn Thru Questions.”


5 Responses to PRINCE2 Introduction Book (Process Model)

  1. Zeb September 6, 2018 at 22:16 #

    This is covering the foundation exam? Thanks!

    • Frank Turley September 7, 2018 at 05:31 #

      Hi Zeb, this book is just an introduction to PRINCE2. It covers about 25% of the PRINCE2 Foundation Syllabus
      Here is a link to the PRINCE2 Foundation course – this covers the full syllabus:
      You can access 33% if the course and you can contact me if any questions:
      All the best with learning PRINCE2.


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