PRINCE2 Templates Light

PRINCE2 Templates Light (PowerPoint and Excel)

March 2017:  We have just started to add these simple templates and it will take us a few weeks.    Please contact me (frank if you have any questions for feedback.  Tip: Also see page on using a simple online tool to run a project.

Starting Up a Project
Project mandate
outline Business Case
Project Product Description
Project Brief
– Initiation Stage Plan (IS Plan)
– Lessons Log
– Daily Log

Initiating a Project (Planning)
Business Case
– Configuration Management Strategy
Communication Management Strategy
– Quality Management Strategy
– Risk Management Strategy
– Product Description
Benefits Management Approach
– Project Plan
– Registers: Risk, Quality, Issue
– Project Initiation Documentation

Controlling a Stage
– Highlight Reports
– Issue Reports
– Exception Reports
– Work Packages
– Configuration Item Records (update)
– Lessons Log (updated)
– Risk Register (updated)
– Quality Register (updated)
– Issue Register (updated)

Stage Boundary
– End Stage Report
– Product Descriptions
– Business Case (updated)
– Project Plan (updated)
– Next Stage Plan or Exception Plan

Managing Product Delivery
Checkpoint Report
– Work Packages (received from Controlling a Stage)

Closing a Project
– End Project Report
– Product Status Account
– Lessons Report
– Follow on Actions (Issue Register)
– Benefits Review Plan (updated)
– Business Case (updated)
– Configuration Item Records (updated)


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