PRINCE2® Templates

PRINCE2®: Here are links to the PRINCE2 2017 Templates.  For more information on how to use the these PRINCE2 Templates, see the PRINCE2 Sample Project.

This is an overview of all the PRINCE2 management documents and where they are used in a project using the PRINCE2 Timeline and Product Map diagram by Frank Turley.

The PRINCE2 Product Map


PRINCE2 Templates  – Word Format

Here is a link to the PRINCE2_2009_Templates in one ZIP file which you can download.


List of all PRINCE2 Products per process  

Starting Up a Project
– Project mandate
– outline Business Case
– Project Product Description
– Project Brief
– Initiation Stage Plan (IS Plan)
– Lessons Log
– Daily Log

Initiating a Project (Planning)
– Business Case
– Configuration Management Strategy
– Communication Management Strategy
– Quality Management Strategy
– Risk Management Strategy
– Product Description
– Benefits Review Plan
– Project Plan
– Registers: Risk, Quality, Issue
– Project Initiation Documentation

Controlling a Stage
– Highlight Reports
– Issue Reports
– Exception Reports
– Work Packages
– Configuration Item Records (update)
– Lessons Log (updated)
– Risk Register (updated)
– Quality Register (updated)
– Issue Register (updated)

Stage Boundary
– End Stage Report
– Product Descriptions
– Business Case (updated)
– Project Plan (updated)
– Next Stage Plan or Exception Plan

Managing Product Delivery
– Checkpoint Reports
– Work Packages (received from Controlling a Stage)

Closing a Project
– End Project Report
– Product Status Account
– Lessons Report
– Follow on Actions (Issue Register)
– Benefits Review Plan (updated)
– Business Case (updated)
– Configuration Item Records (updated)

PRINCE2 Processes

PRINCE2 2017 Templates

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