The PSM I Preparation Training Manual Audiobook

The PSM™ I Preparation Training Manual Audiobook


$25 – £20 – A$32

By Nader K. Rad, Frank Turley
90 Minutes Audiobook, in MP3 and M4B formats

Are you interested in learning Scrum just by listening to an audiobook wherever you like, such as in the car?

This product is part of the PSM™ I Certification Program.

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Product Description

This audiobook is a recorded version of The Scrum Master Training Manual, by Nader K. Rad and Frank Turley.

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The package is 90 minutes long, and helps you understand the concept of Agile development in general and Scrum in particular, in the easiest way: by just listening. You can use it while you’re driving, running, etc.


This product contains two packages, one for the main content of the manual, and the other for the self-assessment. By purchasing this product, you’ll have access to two different formats:

  • MP3 – Multiple files organized in folders (recommended)
  • M4B – Single file (suitable for iPod and compatible devices)


  1. Introduction
  2. Typical Scrum Timeline
  3. Scrum Roles
    1. Scrum Team
    2. Role 1: The Product Owner
    3. Role 2: The Scrum Master
    4. Role 3: The Development Team
    5. Other Roles
    6. So, Who Is the Project Manager
  4. Scrum Events
    1. The Nature of Scrum Events
    2. The Time-Box Concept
    3. Event 1: The Sprint
    4. Event 2: Sprint Planning
    5. Event 3: Daily Scrum
    6. Event 4: Sprint Review
    7. Event 5: Sprint Retrospective
    8. Activity: Product backlog Grooming
    9. Slack
  5. Scrum Artifacts
    1. Product Backlog
    2. Sprint Backlog
    3. Increment
    4. Definition of “Done”
    5. Monitoring Progress toward a Goal
    6. Monitoring Sprint Progress
  6. Summary
  7. Self-Assessment

What is Scrum and Agile?

It is not possible in some projects (especially in IT projects) to gather all the requirements upfront because of their extreme uncertainties. Therefore we need a project management method flexible enough to deal with many change requests that appear during a project and keep the project team productive.
There are a number of systems designed to provide these two properties, and a group of them are called Agile Frameworks. Scrum is a project management method of the Agile group; it is the most famous and the most broadly used one.
Scrum is based on a certain process, which will be explained in the Scrum Events section of this book. This Scrum process will not be effective, unless it is combined with certain roles and artifacts, which are the subject of the two other main sections of this book.



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