What is PRINCE2

PRINCE2®: What is PRINCE2?     This is a popular questions and I often see people struggling to explain PRINCE2 in a simple way. People just find it difficult to explain what is PRINCE2 so a person who knows nothing about PRINCE2 and little about project management.   So here is a suggestion from me on how to explain What is PRINCE2 is less than one minute?   This is just to show that yo do not need 30 minutes

What is PRINCE2 Video:

This very short video provides a very simple overview of PRINCE2 and can help to explain PRINCE2 in during an Interview, Meeting, Workshop, etc…The general idea it to be able to go to a white board and draw a simple diagram, then show where the followings step happen and why:

  • Project startup and the objectives
  • Planning and it’s mains deliverables
  • What happens in the project stages
  • When the products are created
  • How the Project Board controls the project

As you can see all of this can be explain in just one minute, so it will be easy for your audience to get an understanding of PRINCE2 and they don’t need to see PRINCE2 as a monster process.

Here is the simple text that I used in the video:

  • PRINCE2 is a flexible project management methodology
  • In the Startup, you check if a good or bad idea
  • Initiation: This is where you do the detailed requirements and planning and complete the Business Case.
  • Stages: Then the teams create the products one stage at a time.
  • The users can sign off for products as the are delivered
  • Each stages has its own plan New value requirements can be accommodated in each new stage
  • The Project Board keep controls the project by checking the project at the end of each stage
  • In the last stage you deliver the final products and the project is closed.
  • Hope this helps and thanks for any feedback.

Frank Turley

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