Work Breakdown Structure Course

Course Aim

Work Breakdown Structures and Product Breakdown Structures are the most essential elements needed for planning, monitoring and controlling any project. However, most project management teams and project managers do not get the most out of them. They either do not pay enough attention to them and do not put enough effort to creating them, or simply do not have the complete knowledge on the technique. A WBS is not a simple grouping for activities in schedules; it should be a product-based presentation of the scope of the project to direct all plans, including schedules.

A professional WBS helps you:

  • Plan the aspects of the project (risks, time, cost, etc.) easily and efficiently
  • Monitor the project easier; an efficient WBS makes the performance measurements more helpful
  • Control the project more efficient; e.g. an effective change control is not possible without a well-formed WBS
  • Communicate with other stakeholders easier

Based on the importance of creating Work Breakdown Structures, it seems necessary for project managers and other project management team members to increase their capabilities in this area. This course is designed to help these people get the knowledge and expertise easily and completely.

The main aims of this course are:

  • Teach the theory of the Work Breakdown Structures, the reasons behind each rule, and the way they are applicable in practice (33% theory)
  • Working through WBS exercises to master the technique (66% practice)
Course Content

The course provides participants with information on how to define the scope and prepare its hierarchical presentation, namely the Work Breakdown Structure. This involves a complete knowledge on the concept of scope, and the differences and relations between the scope of the product and the scope of the project. These topics will be covered in accordance with the product-based planning, as described in PRINCE2, the integrated nature of a WBS as defined in the PMBOK Guide, and the techniques described in DoD codes and standards.

The course covers the following topics:

  • How we think and how we structure the things around us
  • WBS definition and WBS rules
  • Advantages of using a WBS to map products & examples
  • Difference between WBS and PBS (Product Breakdown Structure: PRINCE2®)
  • Name conventions and WBS Elements
  • Levels of a WBS (Level 1 to Level 5)
  • WBS Codes / Notation
  • The Process of creating a WBS
  • Hands-on Exercises
  • Course summary and further information
Course Format

The course will be delivered through lecture and interactive workshop.

Course Duration

Course can be delivered in either of the following setups:

  • Evening course:  2 Evenings (3 hours each + 1 hour home work)
  • Day Course:       1 Day (7 hours)
Course Pre-Requisites
  • There are no pre-requisites for this course